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We were invited to join JICA mochituki

In the picture I’m chatting with Mr.Deodas from Tanzania.  He is a student of Sophia University.  He came to Japan one year ago and plans to stay in Japan for another year.  I invited him to participate in the Sugamo Street Walk on May 16th.


OnNovember  16th, we showed the Sugamo Jizo shopping street to 10 people from six countries .
They came to Japan with JICA’s training program.


This time,we had an informal talk with them.
They seemed interested in Japanese senior citizens working lively
and volunteering.

Let’s meet again some day.















Organized by:    Komagome English Guide Club (KEGC)
C o n t a c t: +81-80-1250-3456 (Mr. F. Yui)