guide you in English

On September 14th, we showed the Sugamo Jizo shopping street to 12 people from eight countries .

 They came to Japan with JICA’s training program.
This time, we told them about the history  of how this street has developed, and also we introduced the many attractive shops there.
Everyone seemed to enjoy the tour very much!

In front of Sinsho-ji temple




In front of Kogan-ji temple
Looking happy with ladies from Manmar !
They were listening to the guide eagerly.
In front of the community center, ‘Sugamo Sozokan’

Shopping time started.
‘Here we go !’















Organized by:    Komagome English Guide Club (KEGC)
C o n t a c t: +81-80-1250-3456 (Mr. F. Yui)